Tina Charles is Shining for the Sun!

Just as JBD would have predicted, Tina Charles is having a knock-em-dead season.  Notching her sixth double-double in a row this past Tuesday, Charles now has 12 of ’em in her first 15 games.  This little tidbit comes from Swish Appeal … a new find for yours truly – and what looks to be a great site for keeping up with WNBA and Women’s College Hoops news!  And as for Tina, you can check her out on ESPN2 at 7PM (Central) this coming Tuesday.

The floundering Breakers head south to play A-rod and her Philly teammates next … and have signed defender Dieke Ifeoma.  No offense whatsoever to Dieke … but it seems that it’s scoring that we need.

Meanwhile the Women’s Sports Blog offers a nice write-up of a very entertaining WPS All Star game.  Interesting comment on Paul O’Reilly’s feelings about Tony … something I have certainly wondered about (and written about a wee bit) as I watch this most recent iteration of the Breakers continue to stumble.  Can’t find the article referred to, though … and will try to look some more later (unless Alice finds it first!)  😉

Here’s an excerpt from Tony’s book about coaching which strikes me as disingenuous, after watching his treatment of A-rod (admittedly, from the 3rd row on sporadic visits to Harvard Stadium).  That’s in addition to his treatment of the team … where my observaton has been that he seems generally annoyed with and disdainful of them … walking away from them after losses, ignoring players when they come out of the game if he thinks they haven’t played well … just not the compassionate, wise, vulnerable coach that he portrays himself to be in the book (or at least that passage).

I’m disgruntled.  Show us something different, Tony.  Do you need to bring in Colleen Hacker, Carla Overbeck and Julie Foudy to get things back on track?  Where’s that wisdom?

Finally, speaking of All Star games, the WNBA All Stars vs. the US National Team match-up is set for Saturday, July 10 (ESPN) at 3:30 PM, I believe.  Here’s the Connecticut Sun schedule … road trip, anyone?

Oh, and it’s the anniversary of MommyCornblog’s birth … back in 1925 … today.  She would have been 85, had she lived … and that is really pretty much impossible to imagine.

Dieke Ifeoma

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