The Droid Has Landed

… and now begins the adventure of figuring it all out.

So far, actually turnng it off appears to be a small issue, as it woke me up in the wee hours last night.

The manual I downloaded has >200 pages.Ā  (What have I gotten myself into???)

To be continued … for now, a run (and NO, I am NOT running away from my phone!)


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3 Responses to The Droid Has Landed

  1. Expert? Depends on how you define the term. I was a little shakey on the whole turning it off (as in REALLY off) front, but seem to have figured that out. I anticipate that I’ll soon start getting cocky.

    My Tracks, eh? So I’m guessing they make carrying thingies for it. Sweatproof? That could be a deal-breaker.

    This is going to be an adventure that never stops, I can just tell!


  2. boltgirl says:

    Ooooh, download My Tracks and take it along on the runs with you!

    A Fellow Droid Dork


  3. How exciting! Mine’s still a week away. Sounds like you’ll be an expert by then…


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