Dick, Dick, Dick … everyone and her/his grandmother is sending you get well wishes after your latest stint in the OR.


Not so much.

I’m just imagining what it would have been like if Dick were a regular American and had the kind of healthcare coverage that so many regular Americans have.

Imagine the impact it might have had on history if, starting at age 37 when he had his first heart attack, he hadn’t had the wherewithal to have the best care available.

At 69 now … he would have been 37 in what … 1978?  What if it had all ended there?

Hard to imagine a Bush II presidency without Dick.  Waterboarding?  Oil oozing everywhere? The list goes on and on.  No Liz Cheney?  (She might exist, but would we know about her?  Probably not.)

Phew!  Check out this map of Dick’s Healthcare History … it’s a fascinating read.

Some may say that Dick isn’t the root of all evil … and I agree, that’s a simplistic view.  But there are more unhappy things than imagining a world in which Dick’s healthcare didn’t extend his life beyond 1978 .

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