The Biddles are Back!

Sorry to be rather absent here … I’ll blame it on my Droid (which I obsessively check for news of Dick Cheney’s demise) and on my new exercise regimen (which I am feeling great about) and I’m sure there are other excuses which I can pull out, if necessary.

I did see a piece of unbelievable Philadelphia news recently … the Phillies chose a Biddle in June’s MLB draft.  I love it!  A Biddle who went to Germantown Friends, no less.  How Olde Philadelphia can you get?  What’s next – a Cadwalader drafted by the Eagles?  A Clothier playing for the 76ers?

Jesse Biddle, the young man in question, is a Left-Handed pitcher with a 94 mph fastball … not bad for someone just coming out of high school!

Beyond that snippet, we won’t discuss te Phillies phurther.  It’s all starting to pheel way too phamiliar!

PS  The Breakers play FC Gold Pride tonight … hope they can keep their string of wins alive.  This’ll be a stern test!

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