The older I get, the more I find myself thinking about DaddyCornblog.

I think about what he was experiencing in his life at the age I am now. At 57 years old, MommyCornblog had been dead for seven years, and he was several years into his second marriage. He was in the planning stages of designing his dream house, which he would move into in his 60th year.

The more I think about him, the more I appreciate him. I find myself in certain situations, trying to imagine what sort of advice he would give. When he was alive it was just about the furthest thing from my mind to ask him for advice. But now, poignantly, I know that I would value it.

He was steady and sure.

In the thrall of MommyCornblog’s worldview, that just seemed boring for the most part. Now I see that it wasn’t boring at all. In fact, given MommyCornblog’s antics, it was probably extremely challenging to stay steady through all those years.

One of the gifts that MommyCornblog left behind was quite a collection of photographs. Ironically, what they chronicle for me now is a warm connection that I didn’t really appreciate when was there

That’s a lesson that I keep close each day, and strive to learn from.

I’m grateful to you, DaddyCornblog.

You made my life possible in so many ways that continue to sustain and nourish me.

So, godspeed … and Go Phillies!

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2 Responses to Reflecting

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Nat …. those are some good memories. Wish I had seen him more clearly when I was that age … but good to see it now! Bittersweet, for sure.


  2. Nat Johnson says:

    Wow…Your posting reminded me of Easter at the Cornblogs, with several college-aged women running around hunting eggs they’d “decorated” with obscenities the night before. Your dad was cool – and not because he gave us $$ for every egg we brought to him. But because he (1) let us decorate as we wanted (wasn’t our “?#@& “theme” something JBD thought up?)and (2) he seemed genuinely pleased to have a bunch of grown women tromping through his yard pretending (but maybe not)to be 5 years old – AGAIN. I liked your dad!


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