Alice … Don't Bother Looking for Condi …

Just a quick note before I head out.  Gotta let my friend Alice know that when she’s out at Stanford she needn’t look for Condi.  Seems the ex-Bushie is now traveling with Aretha!

Condaretha (as I like to call the duo) just performed in Philly in a concert to help raise money for the inner city kids that the Bushies pushed under the bus in favor of tax cuts for their rich Republican cronies.

Maybe Condi is trying to reclaim a bit of her soul … in every damn sense of the word!

Seems like it’ll take a wee bit more than playing back-up for the Queen.  And Aretha, by the way, what were you thinking?

Check out the YouTube video posted by some folks in Philly who came out to show their feelings about it all …


And when, oh when, oh when are we going to see Obama stand up and nominate Elizabeth Warren?  The banks won’t be happy … Oh snap!

I see that the Bengals are going to give it a shot with TO.  TO and Ochocinco — now THAT could get interesting fast!

The Red Sox won last night .. Lackey beating his old mates … and how about those Phillies?  They are looking like their old selves (hesitate to say it … but there it is.) The Sox, Breakers and the Phillies … may the good times continue to roll!

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2 Responses to Alice … Don't Bother Looking for Condi …

  1. Glad I can be of service!


  2. Alice says:

    I shiver to think where I would be without my morning dose of JordanCornblog. New plans now for my trip are in the making. : )


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