What Day is it, Anyway?

This morning was one of those mornings when time and space get all bolluxed up.  You know those mornings?  You hit the snooze button several times … then come to blurry consciousness wondering what day it is … then realize that … shite … it’s NOT the weekend … and bolt out of bed.

Luckily, unlike the bad old days of my early 20’s, it was still a good 2 hours away from when I need to leave for work by the time I grabbed my coffee.  However, my luxurious snoozing means that I missed going for a run (2nd day in a row – uh oh) and am feeling just a tad behind-the-eight-ball.

But you know what?  It’s a glorious morning.  JBD is out in the garden and the sheep are bleating as the sun comes up over the eastern treeline.  I am doing my usual noodling around before work … and just signed up for a season pass to NFL Game Access, figuring that it will make it easier to spend the necessary work time on the computer without feeling too deprived once the games get underway this fall/winter.  Seemed like a good deal, anyway … we shall see.

I reconnected, yesterday, with an old and dear friend on Facebook … and am feeling very lucky and perhaps a little boggled by the unfolding of the years.  (Every once in awhile something reminds me about the passage of time … and a part of me intones, quizzically … “What the f**k?!”)  That’s what happened yesterday, as memories of elementary school as vivid as yesterday washed through my 57 year old brain.

What the f**k, indeed!

Also, a sobering reminder of the passage of time … Beeg, JBD, RPE and I attended the memorial service at NHTI for Steve Ryan.  Too many acronyms, I know … but I am HIPAA-trained and have no signed releases … 😉

Anyway, I was reminded of what an amazing person he was … and what a loss to our collective worlds.  One of the things that stays with me from his service is the groundedness and generosity of his brilliant, incisive, and quirky spirit.  When he was first diagnosed with cancer … I guess friends would speak with him, expecting his thoughts to travel along the usual lines of asking, “Why me?”  But Steve, being a clear-eyed and logical soul who never approached life as a victim, always said, instead, “Why not me?”

I have been thinking about that ever since.  What a revolutionary and freeing way to think about things!  “Why not me,” indeed!  It changes everything.  Why burden myself with the expectation that life should be any easier for me … the expectation that bad things shouldn’t happen to me?  Thanks, Steve … I needed that!

In other news … I send my best wishes for a smooth recovery to a very, very battered-looking Boltgirl!  What you have done … I sure hope it helps whatever it needed to help … because it looks damn uncomfortable!!!

JPE and MLH (more acronyms) have (hopefully) landed safely up at Deer Island and will enjoy their first, full and beautiful day there with great good cheer!

And Ozwalt?  Yes!

Eight-in-a-row?  Yes!

HollyCornblog … what do you say to some Phillies gear for your b-day?


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5 Responses to What Day is it, Anyway?

  1. I am guessing that you probably didn’t – he and his family were friends from Rachel’s 1-3rd grade years and thereafter. And as for the spinning … the woman who sheers the sheep also spins – a win-win! I am sorry to hear about your illness and memory loss. That sounds very challenging.


  2. A little jealous you have sheep! Does anyone spin the wool? I still spin and dye wool when my hands work…

    I don’t remember if I knew Steve or not. Neuroborelliosis causes my memory to Swiss Cheese. I’d say I’ve lost half my NH memories… depending on the day.


  3. Boltgirl … If you need a consult re. your knee rehab, we have an excellent PT in the house (seriously). I’ll pass along any/all questions and I am sure she will be honored. Best of luck! Oh, and FFootball? 😉

    Elizabeth – Yes – 2 sheep (down from 4 … back in the day). Did you know Steve?


  4. You have sheep?! (Guess I saw that somewhere, but didn’t take it in) Sorry for the loss of Steve…


  5. boltgirl says:

    It looks so much worse than it is–under all those mummy wrappings are a total of ten stitches. All that soccer seemed like such a good idea at the time… Anyway, knee rehab starts tomorrow, and I should be running around again in no more than three weeks. If I have any sense, it won’t be after a ball or people who need to be slide-tackled this time.


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