August 1, 2010-Rabbit, Rabbit

Slow going this morning as the sun slides up in the sky and it looks like another beauty of a day.  (Wonderful – but boy do we need water!)

Thought I’d share a photo from August of 1958 … Jordan and ChristopherCornblog at the Lake.  (Note the lucky rabbit’s foot … sure made me feel powerful and special)!

And boy do I need to get moving and go for a run.  Feeling sludgy and slug-like this morning for some reason.  Not the way I want to stay all day!!

So, as I see JBD heading out to walk in the woods, I scan the news and find that Chelsea is married and there are no signs that Dick is dead (yet).

I hear from folks who know about these things that it’s a very serious procedure that Mr. Cheney had.  It’s done when heart failure is pretty imminently life threatening.  One interesting and frequent side effect of the device that now moves Cheney’s blood around is that recipients often don’t have a pulse.  Creepy, eh?  I am sure that Mr. Cheney’s silence is a good indicator of how he is feeling.  And of course, IMHO, it’s also a very welcome change in the tenor of our national discourse.

I was interested to read, in an article dated 7/19 in the NY Times, that “Medicare will pay for the pump and for implanting it, which is $150,000 to $200,000, said Dr. Ranjit John, who directs the device program at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview.”  My tax dollars at work … because I’m guessing that with the Bush tax breakes and all, Cheney hasn’t paid much of anything in taxes for quite some time!

In the sports world, Brad Lidge is killing the Phillies … blowing a save after a comeback.  Ugh!  Come on, guys- you can’t keep losing to the Nationals, for Pete’s sake.

The Red Sox pulled out a comeback win … and the Breakers won their 5th game in their last 6 … beating the floundering Freedom 3-1 last night.  JBD said it was a great game!

Here’s Kelly Smith on the match … from the Breakers’ site:

On the victory

Real delighted with the win tonight. We scored three goals, which is good for our confidence and I’m just really, really, really pleased.

On her goal

It was a ball in the area and there were a lot of players in that area, so I pulled myself to the back post where I thought someone would head it and Jordan Angeli who had a great header and I was there to put it home.

On other players scoring and taking the pressure off of her

It’s taken a great weight off of my shoulders that other players are stepping up to the plate. Not just putting the ball in the back of the net, but having good individual performances too, from Leslie Osborne, Lindsay Tarpley and Fabiana. The bench players really made a difference tonight in the game.

Check out Marta et al on the Fox Soccer Channel today at 5 PM ET!

And I’d say that’s just about it, as I get myself moving.  Have a great first day of this new month!

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1 Response to August 1, 2010-Rabbit, Rabbit

  1. Did Dick Cheney have a pulse to begin with? Always kinda thought of him as a zombie. Just sayin’.


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