Masked Man

The ups and downs of the Prop 8 ruling in California coupled with the murmuring Dick has motivated me to pull out this article from earlier this year:

This whole issue is one that has far too much focus for far too little reasons. Just let love be love and move on with it, people!  But, instead, we have anger and oppression that results in bullseyes being placed on those who are just trying to live their lives happily and peacefully.

Good Riddance!

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2 Responses to Masked Man

  1. Yes, there is (always tomorrow). This week JBD is away and animal care is taking the front seat … as I also heal some blisters I earned walking around Cambridge last weekend. My plan is to start up again on Monday … but I’ll admit that the # of excuses is worrisome! I’ll keep everyone posted (and then some, I’m sure)! Thanks for asking … 😉


  2. audrey says:

    so, re: your post on the 14th-
    the big question-are you back to running? Great if you are, and if not, there’s always tomorrow.


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