Uh Oh …

Just after I renew our season tickets for the Breakers … and buy 5 play-off tickets … I read (on BigSoccer) that Hope Solo is doing some over-the-top tweeting (not that surprising given Hope’s track record vis-a-vis getting her foot into her mouth).  No real biggie, there, but as I read on I discovered that Tonya Antonucci has stepped down as WPS Commissioner.

This is sad news, indeed … with the central office already having significantly cut back on staff … makes me worry about the league.  And as for Tonya … who could have been a more passionate and steady leader?  Joe Cummings says it very, very well:

“There may be others who wish to claim a prominent role in the launch of WPS, but let me be clear about this; Tonya Antonucci single-handedly brought women’s professional soccer back into our sports landscape. She has brought so many interested parties, who want to see women’s professional soccer succeed and thrive, to the same table over the past six years and anyone who had a seat at that table was there because of Tonya. Her passion, commitment and efforts to the goal of having a women’s league return to the U.S. are unrivaled.”

– Joe Cummings, former Boston Breakers executive and current CEO & Executive Director of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA)

Here’s the story from yesterday’s NY Times … crap, I say … oh crap!

Meanwhile, I was ecstatic to see Donovan and crew take it to the ‘boys.  The Eagles nearly did the same with the Packers … and while Michael Vick may have been right, it was really, really dumb of him to say (are you listening, Hope):  “I feel like if I had been out there for four quarters, maybe we would have had a chance to win the game.” Good luck handling this in Philly, Andy!

And then there’s the way the Lions were robbed … shoulda been a catch for Megatron and a win!


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