The Weirdest Assistant AG … at Least in Michigan

My goodness, you have to read Boltgirl’s post about Andrew Shirvell and watch at least some of the video.  It makes me think that GOP must stand for something like Going Overboard Projecting.  Of course, I didn’t actually see anywhere that our sweet little homophobe is a Republican.

Having taken leave of his senses, Andy has also taken a leave of absence at this point … and his blog was made “by invitation only” – presumably at the urging of the AG’s office.  However, thanks to Google Cache, you can still access much of it.  It is strange and (were he not so hateful) sad to read.  Clearly Andy is smitten and it seems he also feels personally hurt by Mr. Armstrong in some way.  I hope that he gets himself some help and is able to turn his sad and bitter life around.

Sounds like he’ll be facing some employment issues when he returns to work, too … and his beloved University, for whose purity and reputation he supposedly took up this battle, ain’t too pleased with him, either.

One commenter posting on YouTube noted the following, which I found interesting:

“Andrew graduated from Ave Maria Law School in Florida. This is sometimes referred to as “Domino’s Pizza Law School” because the school was funded by an endowment of the founder of Domino’s Pizza who is an ultra-conservative, pre Vatican-II Catholic. The same Domino’s founder also had attempted to build an actual city in Florida that would be centered around a Cathedral. This law school has a similar mission as Bob Jones, Liberty U. et. al. — to promote Lunatic Christian Dominion in America.”

As you probably know, I have long subscribed to the notion that, much as Boltgirl opines, these kinds of attacks are the result of projecton and self-loathing.  After all, how many of the most rabid homophobes have been caught with their pants down lately?

Let this be a lesson … what you most vehemantly hate and rail against may be, in fact, what you deep down fear that you are.

For me, that means that I must fear the possibility that I am at heart, a former small-time beauty queen and ex-mayer with the vocabulary of a bright and feisty, full grown Westie.

Yep … it gives pause.

Finally – here’s Anderson Cooper’s interview with Andy … in case you want to watch it here (it’s also in Boltgirl’s post) …

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3 Responses to The Weirdest Assistant AG … at Least in Michigan

  1. Alice says:

    HMMMMMM! Good point.


  2. … or has this idiocy always existed more or less in the shadows, only to be illuminated brightly and relentlessly by the internet?


  3. Alice says:

    Bizarro! Could public figures get any stranger? Probably! Really, we, eg the USA, is a civilization in decline–how else to explain not only this idiocy but that DADTcontinues on and on and on………………………………….


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