Tracking the ALCS and Other Matters of Urgency

Keeping track of the American League championship series via Dubya’s facial expressions is, perhaps, easier than keeping score. True to form, the Yankees surged the back late in the game as the Rangers imploded, much as the Twins had before them.

Poor Dubya, who had a prime seat next to Nolan Ryan, went from happy to sad, much as he had during the unhappy span of his presidency. I wonder if he actually understood what was happening – doesn’t it look like he’s asking a disgusted Nolan for clarification?  But …  it was baseball, after all, so he probably did have SOME idea of what was transpiring. Will he remember this morning? Perhaps not, and that may be a blessing.

In WPS news I see that Kate Markgraf has retired from professional play – sounds like that means the USWNT, too. I will never forget watching her zero in on the striker you the corner and line at Gillette Stadium during the 2003 Women’s World Cup. The intensity and focus were just amazing to see!

I also see that the Breakers have declined options on quite a few players, including Stephanie Cox (that one’s a bit of a surprise). It feels like the teams are battening down for hard times – and I hope they survive and play again next spring.

It’s one of those clean, clear, crystalline fall mornings – after a day of hard rains and gusty winds. Feels like the moments after a good cry – when everything looks so different, and so hopeful. It’s a perfect morning for looking ahead to the Phillies – Giants matchup tonight (you knew I get there somehow, right). Halliday versus Lincecum – it could be really amazing!

Alice, if you’re around and have a smidgen of Philadelphia loyalty to spend, you might enjoy watching the Fightin’s as they strive to make their way to their third World Series! It’s a little weird having a Philly team not be the underdog, but I don’t really mind.

Just 8 more wins, guys!  And in the meantime, enjoy the Delaware County String Band playing the Fightin’s Fight Song (circa 1950) … at old Connie Mack Stadium. I find myself looking for DaddyCornblog … although I don’t think he was there.

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