George is Happy

… and that means I am not.

Simplistic, perhaps, but when in doubt, I find this to be a very helpful emotion-regulator.

Sorry, Mo .. Cliff Lee was too much for your Rays.

I suspect the Yankees will be too much for the Rangers … but ya never know.  At least I can relax, as I don’t really care who wins the ALCS.

Here’s to your Wednesday … one more beautiful day before the rains come …

Then tune in Saturday night and start rooting hard for the Phillies.  (Are you with me, Mo?)

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2 Responses to George is Happy

  1. What a great solution! I just glanced at Dubya’s face here, ever-so-briefly … and can absolutely say that I need a beer. Maybe two.


  2. boltgirl says:

    I just listened to 20 minutes of the Reid-Angle “debate.” I think I’m going to finish this bottle of pinot noir now, since that tastes better than the bleach I suspect is really needed to get THAT VOICE outta my head.


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