They Might Be Giants

So the San Francisco Giants are up by two games in the World Series as of last night, after their 9-0 win over the Texas Rangers. Not what anyone was expecting – not by a long shot. I’m thinking that sure makes the Phillies look good at this point, although I still miss seeing the Fightin’s and wish they were in the Series.

But my larger wish is that the post-election landscape will be as surprising (and pleasantly so) as the current World Series landscape is looking. Wouldn’t it be something if the American electorate were to vote intelligently rather than reactively? Wouldn’t it be something if the scare tactics and oversimplifications of the Right were to backfire?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Rally to Restore Sanity actually did?

One can hope.

Meanwhile, it’s looking like a beautiful day here in New Hampshire. I visit Willie’s grave as I come and go, and am strangely heartened to have it nearby. He’s gone – but remembering is always right here – and that’s a good thing, albeit sad. Leaves and sticks litter the stones that RPE and I piled there more than a week ago. I still think I glimpse him out of the corner my eye, and I’m sure that will continue for quite some time.

His grave is becoming a part of the landscape here, just as he is part of the landscape of my heart.

But anyway, it’s a beautiful day here, and I’m home from work, having taken the day off. I’ll probably split some wood and, once the sun is a little higher, walk the Woods Loop. Walking it without Willie is a strange and poignant thing. The path is the same – but not. Not at all.

That’s just the way it is.

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3 Responses to They Might Be Giants

  1. Thanks for the words … and Monday at 9 … yikes! We definitely want to come cheer … but will probably wait for an earlier game. Getting old(er) and all …


  2. AMR says:

    And, in any event, really hoping the Giants knock off Texas. First the Yankees and then the GW’s. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that GW also stands for gunshot wound in the medical field. Hmmm……


  3. AMR says:

    I’ve always found that having a site nearby of someone that you loved dearly is comforting. That he/she is right THERE and you don’t have to go searching for their resting place. It’s become a tradition to give that spot a wave or a nod as I pass to remind them that they are always on my mind….

    First indoor game on Monday at 9. This could get interesting…..


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