Some Soccer Stuff

The news out of the WPS is a mixed bag these days – a very mixed bag. It sounds like the Washington Freedom have secured funding for 2011, and the season will go on. However, FC Gold Pride are now defunct, and the Chicago Red Stars sound like they are in some trouble. Meanwhile, there’s a new team in Buffalo. Go figure.

Pia has named the  24-woman preliminary roster for the USWNT must win game against Italy on Saturday (10:30 AM on

The UConn women extended their winning streak last night and what sounded like an exciting, and razor thin, victory over Baylor.

Kudos to Roy Halladay for winning this year’s National League Cy Young Award … and to the Goffstown Grannies for finally taking down the inimitable Tim Tebow Barbershop Brigade in fantasy football! Ironic, and cosmically perfect, that Tim’s namesake team should lose on the week that he threw his first NFL TD pass.

It’s raining to beat the band here this morning, and all of my umbrellas are in the backseat of my car. Nicely done JordanCornblog!

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4 Responses to Some Soccer Stuff

  1. boltgirl says:

    He was the only QB available, unforch. But! Brees and those be-yoo-ti-ful Pack receivers are back, so hopefully I am too.


  2. Yep, Jimmy didn’t serve you well at all, boltgirl. I myself am looking forward to having Aaron back in place … throwing to your receivers, of course!

    And as for Foothills Soccer … you are right, AMR. I will look to increase the coverage a LOT in the future. Shall I take photos, as well? ;>)


  3. AMR says:

    What about Foothill’s Physical Therapy indoor women’s soccer team!? Looking forward to seeing our names published (fyi – thank goodness RPE can run for miles because I was DYING 5 minutes in).


  4. boltgirl says:

    Jimmy Clausen did me wrong! Sigh. Go… Irish.


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