Back at It

First off, this windowsill photo is from HollyCornblog for Boltgirl … commemorating an epic loss to Wannabees on the Fantasy Gridiron.

All good things, as they say, must come to an end.  As it is with winning streaks, so it is with vacations.  (And, so it seems, with WordPress themes, too.  I just updated mine, and lost all the photos I had loaded.  So, for those who notice such things, I’ve returned to an older theme, and may try to reinstate my previous one this weekend if I have time.)

Anyway, I feel very appreciative of my time off .. and of the reality that, unlike so many, I have that thing called a job, and the total luxury of lamenting the fact that I have to return to it.

And, truth be told, the lament is a mild one.  I like my job … the people I work with, the work I do … all of it.  But I also do very much like having time to be more fluid with my day … and yeah, I have some small regrets about the things I didn’t get done with all that ‘fluidity.’  But basically, it’s all good.

Oh, and capping things off nicely as I scan the news this morning, I see that Brett Favre says he’s “done.”

I’m not … but gotta go! 😉

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3 Responses to Back at It

  1. boltgirl says:

    Ahhh. Thank you.


  2. So far your two Eagles are doing very well by you … but it is very doubtful that they will be able to help you against the Babes. Just sayin’ …


  3. AMR says:

    We have a HUGE two weeks upcoming. Can the 2nd place long-haired beauty’s overcome the weeping (and 1st place) Tebow’s??? Furthermore, can they continue their stamina to face the late season success of Blitzen Babes????


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