Oh No … Say It Ain's So!

More bad news on the WPS front, as the Red Stars have announced that they are suspending operations for 2011 … and hoping to rejoin the fray in 2012.  Obviously, this is not good, as it whittles down the teams currently competing to six.  However, on a brighter side, the league continues!

Does it make me nervous to hear about this?  You bet.  But did the small matter of the previous three teams folding lead to the demise of the league?  No!  Chicago seems like it has a very active and committed fan base.  They “just” ran into problems with lining up investors.  That tells me that the interest is there … it’s “just” that some deeper pockets are needed.  Not easy to find them … but isn’t that easier than drumming up fan interest where it doesn’t exist? Anyway … here’s hoping the Red Stars are back in 2012!

In other news on the Women’s Sports front (placating Alice here) …

Oh, and Cliff Lee?  He’s still heading to Philly!

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