Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Tea Partiers

Not that you’ll listen, but here’s your To Do List for this holiday season:

  1. Go see “Inside Job.”
  2. Go see “Fair Game.”

Not too difficult, eh?  You can do that in between episodes of that Alaska reality show that has captured your fancy.

Anyway, after you’ve gone to the movies (and preferably seen both of ’em) … please e-mail me at admin@jordancornblog.com and explain to me why you are more upset about Healthcare Reform than you are about being robbed blind and/or duped into a totally unnecessary war by the likes of Dubya, Dick, Scooter and Turdblossom.

I am seriously curious about why you weren’t up in arms when this current deficit was being created … and when you were being so blatantly lied to about just about everything … and when your sons and daughters were being callously put in harms way for ego and oedipal revenge and Halliburton’s profit.

You say you are all about not wanting government to abuse its power.  Well, where the hell were you during the most egregiously abusive eight years in recent memory?

What were you thinking?

And whose tool do you think you are now?

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