December 19, 2010.  A little more than 7 minutes left in a lop-sided mess of a game … and the Eagles score 28 unanswered points to win it in regulation!  DaddyCornblog would be so happy if he were alive (and if he wasn’t, come to think of it, in some amazing and mysterious way, involved in the outcome).

This game, occurring as it did on the 16th anniversary of his death … it’s kinda hard to imagine that he wasn’t aware.  Unless he has transcended such things.

(But I honestly don’t think Eagles fans do that … transcend things, I mean.)

As HollyCornblog posted on Facebook … “I watched the the Eagles get knocked out of the play-offs with my Dad the day before he died in 1994 . I always thought he died from a broken heart 😦 Today’s win was PERFECT, but exhausting :)”

Indeed … verging on the miraculous.  Kinda like that other Miracle at the Meadowlands … which I can picture DaddyCornblog watching back in 1978 … from his chair in the den at 110 Park Road … ecstatic!

Oh geez!

Hope you got to see this one, too, Dad … somehow!

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