Updates for Alice!

First off … don’t forget that UConn is poised to set a new winning streak record tonight at 7PM ET on ESPN.  Will you be there?  (Doris … I’d remind you, too … but I didn’t think you’d be interested …)

Check out Geno’s comments about the record … and men’s/women’s sports … you GO, Geno!!!  (The discussion ain’t so interesting … but Geno, thanks!)

On the USWNT front, Pia has called 26 players into camp for some early January traiing.  Glad to see Jordan Angelli of Breakers goal scoring fame on the list!

In WPS news, Carli Lloyd is heading to Atlanta … so it’s a new team each year for Carli so far.  Hope she has a good year in Atlanta … has been injured or in a seeming funk for much of her first two WPS seasons, from what I can tell.

As for players NOT in funks … for the 6th time, Christine Sinclair has been named Canadian Player of the year … up there in that country that borders on the state where that woman-who-shall-go-unmentioned-but-whom-I-revile-in-my-heart lives.

And now … off to work.

Happy Solstice!

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1 Response to Updates for Alice!

  1. Alice says:

    However you look at it, UConn has achieved quite a feat, and who knows how much longer they will keep it going after they break the record tonight. Good for Geno for speaking out! I’ll be there tonight for sure–in front of my TV, that is, and will be in UConn’s corner.


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