Lisa Murkowski – A Christmas Miracle

It is fascinating to think about how things might come unraveled for the folks who were, just a few weeks ago, crowing about their take-over of our national legislature and salivating at the thought of ousting Obama and getting our country back on track (“Track” being, of course, one of the Palin children).

It was a vision of the future that had many euphoric … and some others of us depressed and terrified.

Enter the new … or, perhaps, one should say REALMaverick from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski.  Yup, that’s SENATOR Lisa Murkowski.

Nice to see Alaska with a Senator who is pretty much grounded in reality, has some intellectual curiosity, and who, perhaps most importantly, appears to be unafraid of Katie Couric!  This is a major positive development for our friends up north … not to mention for the rest of us.

It is going to be so interesting … watching how this all unfolds down in DC.

Who’s really the most powerful woman in Alaska?  Hmmmm … might we be witnessing the beginning of the changing of the guard.  (Sure hope so … for everyone’s sake!)

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