Oh my, the Eagles played ugly last night!

Here’s my spin … it couldn’t have come at a better time.  (How’s that?)

They were getting cocky (yes, Michael and DeSean, I mean you) and needed to wake up. Enter the Vikings and their unheralded replacement QB, Joe Webb.  Now the Eagles have a tougher road … and no bye, unless they take it on Sunday versus the ‘boys.  (I expect they will, tho’ it will be tough to concede one to the team from Dallas.)

Out west, the UConn women have made it 90-wins-in-a-row … and face a stiffer challenge tomorrow night against Stanford.

Here on our hill in Canterbury we survived the winds of the past couple of days, and I am pleased to report that (amazingly) the angel atop the ex-Xmas Tree marking Willie’s grave continues to watch the turning world from its perch there.

I’m off to work … enjoying a quiet and productive week – perfect way to end the year.

So, forgetting the unhappy Eagles, I’ll translate “Argggggghhhh” to “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as the sun breaches the horizon and the new day begins!

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