Congrats to the Cardinal

Yup, Stanford ended UConn’s streak with a strong performance against a Husky team that never really looked like themselves.  (In truth, they looked a little like the Tuesday night Eagles.)

Great performance by the Stanford women.  My only complaint is that I could have done with about 30 fewer shots of Condi and her buddy in the stands. (You can see them in the video above.)  Her buddy is Randy Bean … about whose relationship with Condi there is much speculation.

I would be inclined to leave Condi alone and let her enjoy her private life … had she not been willing to support the horrible, horrible, horrible policies of the Bush/Cheney (or Cheney/Bush) administration for all of those years.

But, as it is, Ms. Condi, I feel like, without any show of reflection or remorse on your part, I am going to continue to find it beyond irksome, that you and your partners (be they life partners or partners in crime) are enjoying yourselves.  I realize that life is complex … and from what I gather, the friends you keep are more to my liking than the politicians you cavorted with.  But how do you make sense of the dissonance?  How does your inner circle?  I am really, really curious about that.

I am looking forward to hearing/seeing how you make sense of it all, Condi.  But you’re gonna need to come a LOT cleaner than you have so far to do it for me.

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2 Responses to Congrats to the Cardinal

  1. I agree … Tara did a good job of returning the focus to Stanford … and I really felt like Geno was doing the same. He definitely gave kudos to Stanford for contributing to UConn’s “off night” – and they did a particularly good job neutralizing Maya.

    As an aside … did you see any of the UConn press conference afterwards with Geno and Maya and another player who I missed? Anyway – Maya looked so young and deflated. It made me kinda mad at the NCAA and the schools … so willing to make money and make names for themselves off of these kids … and so hypocritical and punishing if one of those 20 year olds makes a buck him or herself. I know it’s complicated … but it is also damn cynical and corrupt if you ask me. It’s a reason to hope that the women’s side is NEVER too successful … at least that way the kids have half a chance of getting an education.



  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    Comeon’ Jordy, got got soooooo off point from the big game by wasting time on Condi:) while I do agree that the amount of time spent with the camera on her was displeasing to me as well. You say that the “huskies never looked like themselves” ..I say that Maya looked like a deer in the headlites at times. I only saw the second half when she had only scored 6 points. I think Stanford totally took them out of their game. The ESPN guy after the game interviewing Tara kept the focus on UCONN, but I love that Tara said, “tonite is Stanford’s night”..Anyways, I feel like when someone says the team had an “off night” it sort of makes an excuse for them instead of the “off night” perhaps being caused by the other team causing them to have an off night, not play their game, put them back on their heels…etc. In the grand scheme of things its just another game in a fantastic environment. Proving that on any given night, it can go either way. Great game for womens basketball. UCONN is beatable, but agreed it is tough!!! GO CARDINAL!!!


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