The Year of the Cloud

Last week I tweeted one resolution for the New Year.  It involved exercise, so I won’t repeat it here … 😉

My second resolution involves learning to use my cell phone.  I believe that it is important to be just a smidgeon smarter than your phone (or at least to be able to minimally support that illusion).

My third resolution is to make more use of the cloud … meaning (generically) the many web-based options for sharing stuff.

I’m intrigued with Dropbox, for example.  You can upload stuff to the web and share it … up to 2GB for free!  As an example, I’d been trying to name the musical source for a riff in a song that Pieces of  Dream played the other night … figured it out after @ 24 hours of ruminating … and was able to share in with some friends at this link.  Great way to avoid clogging e-mail!

I also want to figure out Picasa so I can use it a bit more adeptly (actually, meaning so that I can use it … period).

What are your (non-exercise) resolutions this year?


PS   Oh, and I also have resolved to continue to mindlessly root for Philly teams, to read more books, to update the “Recently Seen at Red River” widget to the right of this, and to happily sample whatever hoppy concoctions HollyCornblog comes up with!

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2 Responses to The Year of the Cloud

  1. Yo – I did not see your text and, due to the sad fact that my phone is smarter than I haven’t a clue about how to find it. Maybe there’s an app for text messages? I am at a loss. Oops – think I found it … but this is going to take MONTHS! Yes – definitely chiminea material!

    PS Good luck with that remote … and safe travels!


  2. Paula says:

    Thanks for listing your technological resolutions. I did manage to send you a text last week, did you get it ever? So, figuring out your phone is a good thing. I feel slightly behind the average tech curve. I am in florida now helping my folks with a few things, and one is to get them onto 1 tv remote…I am feeling challenged. My dad got a new laptop so I am helping him by loading AVG free anti virus etc. But it is Windows 7 so I had a Windows 7 for Dummies sent down here so we can learn it together. I, too, feel like Picasa gets the best of me, I have not been able to figure it out to use it the best way possible. I always manage to get 100 copies of the same picture downloaded:) Any ways, I appreciate your resolution list. Nothing is simple anymore. I have a hard time reading manuals online, instead of a nice hard copy in my hand. My clock disappeared from my phone recently and it took me 3 days to figure out how to get it back.(never mind why it went away to begin with..) Perhaps another chiminea is needed to drink beer and discuss technology…together. Snow coming, hope I make it north tomorrow night…


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