Jon Stewart Got It Right

In his opening monologue on Monday night’s Daily Show Jon Stewart hit the nail on the head, not blaming anyone or anything specific for this past weekend’s tragedy.  He noted, rightly, that if you could draw a straight line of causality to any one thing, then it would be easy to “fix” what’s wrong and assure that it won’t happen again.

It will never be possible to predict or stop acts by so-called “crazy” people (and I do not like using a catch-all and derogatory term like that … but we don’t really have a good alternative at this point).  However, as he so aptly puts it … it is important that we be able to easily tell the difference between the extreme ramblings of those who have lost touch with reality … and the statements of our so-called pundits (another catch-all that I dislike) and leaders.

A very important point.

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Meanwhile, in a very chilling bit of absolute irresponsibility and hate, a gun manufacturer in South Carolina is apparently etching the slogan “You lie” (commemorating Joe Wilson’s act of self-serving rudeness on the floor of the House last year) into a component of its assault rifles.  Horrible on so many levels.

Who makes decisions like that?  Who carries them out?  It’s personal … and individuals are responsible at each and every step along the way.  Jamin McCallum is the President of the company making these particular assault rifles … and maybe he’s thought better of it, as it appears the page referenced on HuffPo is now gone.  Hopefully these despicable weapons will be gone soon, too – all 999 of them!

But what famillies are putting their kids through college with their salaries from Glock?  Maybe you can’t draw a line of causality … but at what point do individuals say, “I don’t want to be a part of this.”?

And finally, I do have to note that, to her credit, the woman from Alaska is being wonderfully silent these days.  Whether it is out of respect and horror, or because she is consulting and calculating with her confidants and cronies about what to do, I obviously don’t know.

And while I might wish and hope that she’d say something insightful, substantive, and potentially transforming … I’ll take the silence.

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4 Responses to Jon Stewart Got It Right

  1. Wow … opening her mouth was worse than I could have imagined. Blood Libel? It’s beyond bizarre and certainly reinforces Jon Stewart’s point.


  2. Alice says:

    Sorry–above link to Howard Fineman’s piece responding to Ms P’s response didn’t work. Trying again:


  3. Alice says:

    Alas, you were a bit premature re. that woman from Alaska.


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