Now, No Need to Worry …

… about the Pats any more (as DaddyCornblog would say).  Sadly, the Pats and Eagles are gone … so now we’re hoping for a Steelers-Packers Superbowl.  (That’s what the consensus is in these parts … and HollyCornblog agrees, so you know it’s gonna happen.)

Quite the shocker in Foxboro yesterday, eh?

So, we’ll turn our attention here to the WPS, which held its college draft on Friday.  Alex Morgan went first and is headed to Western NY.  The Breakers, whose home opener is set for April 17 at Harvard Stadium (Brrrrr) picked up Keelin Winters, Whitney Palmer, Katie Sheeleigh, and Tanya Taylor.

Meanwhile, with their first pick … and the second pick overall … Philly selected Sinead Farrelly, a native of Havertown, PA!  It’ll be fun to see how she fares.

Finally, I’ll be moving the blog this week … look for it over at … and don’t be shy!

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1 Response to Now, No Need to Worry …

  1. Alice says:

    …….and highly entertained I have been been (except for all the ffffootball/shmoootball)****

    Good luck with the move.

    ****I know–this is not the time–sorry for your loss. : (


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