Happy Friday!

Yesterday I got briefly caught up in reading some hateful tweets from a Texan who was overjoyed that Kay Bailey Hutchinson was retiring … and clearly hoping for someone more to the far, far, far right to replace her.  This person’s Twitterstream was filled with animus and venom … racist, degrading, just hateful … and of course also full of that familiar victim feeling that we’ve been hearing a lot lately from some of the leading lights of the right.

Anyway – I read this person’s tweets and started composing retorts in my head, searching for the perfect one that would break through the miasma and maybe … just maybe … jolt this unfortunate woman into seeing how noxious her spew was.  (Or at least show the Twitterverse!)

Then I thought … STOP!  There is absolutely no point in reading or retorting to this stuff.  No point at all.

To remind myself of this, I just took a peek at that thin, blond smart-ass right-winger’s latest post (not willing to give even the smallest SEO points to these folks by mentioning their names) and felt that small jolt of incendiary anger that I always do … then set it aside.

If you need a bit of aerobic exercise, I recommend these sites.  I have even thought of creating a Twitter list titled “Haters” or something like that … to have them in one place, for that little adrenalin rush that one occasionally needs in the morning.

But there are far better ways to get that rush … and far better conversations to have.

So here’s to the marginalization of this hateful stuff in the coming year.  There is, quite simply, no need for it … and I am going to do my part to stop responding and focusing on what is degrading to us all.

There are far better ways to spend our collective time and energy.

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1 Response to Happy Friday!

  1. Eleanor says:

    I totally agree. If we focus our attention and energy on people who represent all the good things we believe in, we’ll boost them (and their causes) up in the process. Cut off the oxygen supply to the others!


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