ZoeCornblog’s Surgery

ZoeCornblog underwent surgery yesterday to remove a lump that was growing, and was worrisome … so off to the vet’s she went yesterday morning.  And I am pleased to report that when HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew picked her up she had come through with flying colors.

The lump is a cyst, and ZoeCornblog has four days’ worth of pain meds … and a nice wood stove to recuperate beside.

But man … I would not be looking forward to having those stitches removed if I were Ms. Cornblog!  (And I wonder if the incision would have been shorter if Zoe had gone to Suncook River Veterinary Clinic … hmmmmm … Dr. Reeve, what do you think?)

So, needless to say, there will be no visits to the lake this weekend for those three.  Perhaps, instead, there will be some beer brewing.  And I do know that there will be some football-watching.

Meanwhile, up in the Helderberg Hills, the wind whips the snow across the lake, skimming it off the ice and around the house.  The path to the shoreline looks clear as can be.

But the winds have just carried the snow out back, where the drifts grow deeper and deeper, piled against the boathouse and the woodshed, roughed and reshaped by each gust blown from cold Arcturus.

Through the silent winter days and nights, there’s so much happening in those woods … so much that is unseen, mysterious, and (I am very sure) as absolutely necessary as breath.

The   seasons carry on … even as we might falter and get all weird and cranky and out of whack.  In the unseen and the silence, everything carries on.

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