I went to bed early last night hoping to catch up on my sleep, only to be kept awake by my thoughts. Not really important to share the specifics, but I had run up against some information about a very, very old acquaintance that was disturbing.  Again, the details aren’t important, but it vaguely tapped into feelings and memories from my early childhood. You know, those dim, shadowy recollections that we’re ambivalent about fully bringing into the light, and yet that probably set our course in life so long as we don’t.

So anyway, I was a little restless and sleep did not come easily.  In my case, my mother’s face looming in my thoughts at bedtime offers no calm and no comfort …

Then, waking up this morning, I check MSNBC only to discover that the unrest in Egypt continues to unfold/unravel, and Americans are being told that they should consider getting the hell out of Dodge.

Meanwhile, RPE is in Israel completing the first leg of her journey there. I study the maps, feeling better when I know that she’s gonna be heading toward the eastern side of the country, and worse when her course will take her toward the West and the Egyptian border.

It is so strange to be a world away and to be reading the news – not wanting to alarm her or anyone unnecessarily – and also just worrying …

Comments would be more than welcome this morning, as I know how I can get myself going!  Talk me down, folks … talk me down!  😉  (Yeah, I’m kidding … mostly.)

PS – Went to see Social Network yesterday at Red River … check it out if you haven’t seen it.  Harvard appears to be a stranger and more unpleasant place than I had ever realized!

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4 Responses to Unrest

  1. Hi Paula –
    That is so nice of you to go clean off the snow … I’ll have to remember to do that here in Concord … but will wait ’til the week’s storms go through. It’s definitely different here … as I imagine it at your house. So far the animals are surviving … as are we … but it sure is darn quiet! On a technical note … you shouldn’t have to go to the site … should be able to read the post in your e-mail. I’ll see if there’s something funky with the settings. Oh, and have a great day!


  2. Paula says:

    Thanks for your blog this morning. I have signed up to get an email when you post and it makes me smile when I get it, although I must actually visit your site to read it. I think about RPE too and ponder how brave she is to wonder in the world at large. Hopefully this younger generation here, in Egypt, China, Iran and the world over can help us all move to a more peaceful, loving “climate”. Meanwhile, we fret, we worry, and do what we can to move in that direction as well. Speaking of “climate”..things must be lonely at PHill with JBD, BJ traveling to Costa Rica….I just went and cleaned off Ruth’s car at the bus station in preparation for yet more snow……………


  3. Thanks, Eleanor … you are so right! Fortunately, while my worry-thoughts can still occasionally lap over into grandiose delusions, I no longer feel responsible to keep planes in the air. What a relief (not to mention being a time-saver)! I am keeping busy today … and clear goals are a great idea. Time to make a list. Good luck to you!


  4. E. Baron says:

    Worry isn’t all that productive an activity. There’s so much going on right now, in the world and, for many of us, in our own lives. I found myself awake with worry last night and preoccupied today. My strategy is going to be productive puttering and a couple of writing projects. I’m usually a zig zagger but today, a few clear goals will help me. I hope you find your own way out of the worry zone.


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