A First

Well, I think this is a first, anyway.  I received some insulting spam here on the blog this morning.  Usually it’s so meaninglessly ingratiating that I actually found the insulting tone of this spam kind of refreshing.

The comment said something about how what was written here was trivial and without merit … and in a departure from the usual spammy profile, there weren’t millions of links for Viagra and/or Cialis attached.

Just the acerbic comment.

Hmmm, now, come to think of it, perhaps that wasn’t spam.

It was signed by someone named Alice … who looked a little like this … 😦

Alice, were you kvetching in anticipation of my writing about the Superbowl?

Actually, aside from some grumbling about Big Ben over on tumblr, I am playing it close to the vest this year.

However, before I watch the x’s and o’s on the gridiron tonight, I do think I will be watching the B’s and O’s go at it … and praying that Obama makes O’Reilly look like the blowhard that he is.

It’ll be interesting to see how BillO plays it.  It is an interview fraught with, perhaps, more challenges for Bill than Barack.  As Bill says, “I fully expect to get hammered after the interview is over,” he wrote in his column this week. “Depending on how you feel about the president, the questions will either be too soft or too intrusive.”

So my money’s on Barack and the Packers, rather than Ben and Bill.

Alice, what do you think?

PS  Just joking about the spam … it was signed by someone named GrouchySurfer, not Alice … 😉

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2 Responses to A First

  1. JordanCornblog is glad that Alice was, at least in part, entertained yesterday. She is also happy to share the news that ffffffffffffffffotball, schummmmmmfffffffffff ball season is now officially over and the only thing on the visible horizon is March Madness. Alice will be increasingly entertained as we move ahead. JordanCornblog is confident about this.


  2. Alice says:

    Alice says, “this is libelous.” Alice also says Alice was NOT entertained by this posting. Finally, Alice says “ffffffffffffffffotball, schummmmmmfffffffffff ball.”

    ps I still don’t get it (even AFTER reading so-called explanation and Tumblr staff blogs), but pics on JordanCornblog Tumblr are great; design/format is, too. Alice is impressed (and entertained).


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