What is YOUR State Gun?

There are things in this world that can still shock me … like the news that Arizona is considering making the Colt 45 its State Gun.  Forget the fact that there was a recent bloodbath there.

Utah is considering a similar measure … but of source a different gun … and there are all kinds of lists and things around the web, as bloggers and gun enthusiasts hop on the bandwagon and debate what states should have what guns … like this Facebook page.  (The map of the US looks a little like a turd, doesn’t it?)

I feel like I am in a dream … ugly one at that.  Here’s one piece from a writer – Ed Quillen – out in Colorado.  While I get that it’s tongue-in-cheek, I wish it were a little more so.  Nuanced humor ain’t exactly something that the gun toters appreciate or understand, IMHO:  “For my own Colorado, I’ll go with the Colt-Browning M1895 gas-operated machine gun, used to shoot down striking miners at Ludlow in 1914. Designation as the Official State Firearm would remind us how Colorado has often dealt with organized labor.”

My overriding tought?  We’ve gone mad, as a nation … and State legislatures need to be spending their time on more useful things.

Er … come to think of it, given the make-up of our own NH legislature, maybe it’s actually BETTER to have them debating the State Gun.  Yeah – focus like a laser on that, guys … and leave the budget and the rest of us alone.

Hmmmm, I wonder what Kelly thinks our State gun should be.  Maybe I’ll write her and ask.

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