Two Questons … and Some Other Stuff

  1. Why is this news?
  2. Perhaps even more importantly … why did I read it?

I did the same thing yesterday when I was in the midst of some work, went downstairs for a cup of tea … and ended up reading about Charlie Sheen in People Magazine for @ 15 minutes.  Okay … AND looking at stars in their Oscar gowns.  Damn … I felt so empty afterward.  Seriously.

So, on to the other stuff!  We’ll call it “Things I have Been Remiss About” and start with movie reviews.  Very remiss on that front.  Last night, after seeing “Another Year” (very good movie, BTW – sobering in an everyday, slice-of-life sort of a way) I came home and made a list of the movies that I have seen and not entered into the sidebar here.  It was sobering … in an everyday, slice-of-life sort of a way!  😉  Makes me wonder what I have been doing with my time?  (Reading about the likes of Charlie Sheen, no doubt.)

Keep an eye out for about 20 very brief new reviews in the coming days.

I did some experimenting yesterday with my new Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, NV22L and discovered that it really sucks.  It managed to pull so much grit and animal hair and “stuff” out of the 3 area rugs in my room that I’m quite surprised that I haven’t been coughing and sneezing for years!  Can’t wait to see what it does downstairs … not to mention at the Lake!  Here’s a video … and if you’re interested, keep your eye on Woot … got mine, refurbished, for @ 68 bucks there!

And finally, I have been horribly remiss about the USWNT!  They defeated Norway 2-0 on the strength of goals by Lindsey Tarpley and Carli Lloyd to qualify for the Finals at the Algarve Cup for the 9th time in a row!  And it sounds like things are starting to click for the USWNT as they prepare for the Women’s World Cup … slated for 9 venues in Germany from June 26-July 17.  (Remember, that’s the one we … just … barely … qualified … for.)

Okay … lots of work to plow through today, so I’m off.  Have a good one!

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2 Responses to Two Questons … and Some Other Stuff

  1. Absolutely! Like saying that Tarpley scoring was really sick! Hope to see more of that (and of you) as soon as we make our way through March Madness.


  2. Ron Dewdney says:

    So one thing sucks and that’s good. Another thing sucks and that’s bad. Kinda like the youngsters saying, “that’s really sick” and meaning really good. Here’s to your health, Ron.


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