Hateful Huckabee … He Sucks (Why Mince Words?)

Remember Mike Huckabee? He was the unlikely candidate who played the ukulele or guitar or something, lost a whole bunch or weight, and seemed to be able to appeal to the Christian Right without being entirely off-the-wall hate-mongering in the process. I remember him. He’s gone now.

In an example of how power … or even the smallest whiff of power … corrupts, Mr. Huckabee has turned into a monster of misinformation, innuendo, and pandering to the worst aspects of the fragile American psyche.  (Either that or he is finally letting his true, inner racist bigot out.)

Despicable, is the word that comes to mind, as Huckabee has hit the airwaves this week with enough slurring to sound downright drunk.  What I don’t understand about the commentary and the headlines on all this, though, is why the pundits are framing it as a matter of Huckabee having his facts wrong … when it’s racism, pure and simple.

You can read samples and snippets of the crap that he has been spreading around via his perch at Fox News … and interviews elsewhere in the links above.

And then there’s his “clarification” of it all.  Click the link below for the video … and I should add that I can hardly stand to watch.  These poor, self-satisfied white guys, victims of the left … are so full of it I hardly know where to begin. Their basic point? If you are “different” you, by definition, have a different world view and that’s … really … really … bad.

Can anyone, anywhere, with the smallest grasp of logic, not be appalled?  I’d describe them as hateful simpletons wielding power in the service of more power … but I think that’s too kind.

Anyway, you can watch the video (reflecting a very skewed world view, I might add) for yourself at video.foxnews.com

Meanwhile, someone who probably would be a vocal supporter of just about everything that Bill and Mike purport to represent … just got arrested in his truck.  Funny how that always seems to be happening to these guys.  A plot by the left, no doubt.

Here’s an absolutely fascinating list illuminating “Republican Hypocrisy on Moral Values.”  As the poem introducing the piece says …

The devil decries evil.
Virtue is his guise
To find the hidden villain
Listen for the loudest voice

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

It is fascinating to scan the info … ’nuff said.

Oh, except to repeat … Mike Huckabee, you are despicable.  Really.

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