NH Legislature an Exploding Pimple

Since my bracket is beyond being an embarrassment, I find myself avoiding basketball, forced back toward a contemplation of actual, real-world stuff, and feeling … ever-so-slightly cornered … I must admit.

When my mind is unoccupied, it slips back toward the NH Legislature and the absolutely horrible things that collection of human beings is doing right now.  Despicable doesn’t begin to describe it (although the likes of the Republican Liberty Caucus … calling themselves “The Conscience of the Republican Party” … are no-doubt watching and feeling that the Kingdom of God is finally at hand.)

BTW – I signed up to receive the e-mail updates from the NH Republican Liberty Caucus to keep an eye on their efforts to roll back the clock on things like women’s rights and human decency … all in the guise of “liberty.”  And by “liberty” I mean the 4th-grade, made-up-history, Tea-Party version of that term.

So, while ruminating about the NH Legislature, I discovered a blog (Susan the Bruce) and a recent post of hers titled “Unmasked” that was music to my ears.  She notes that, as the GOPers have finally gotten their hands on all the power and control they’ve sought … their masks of “civility” have been slipping off.

I’d be more inclined to say that those masks never really existed, but the Democrats were, in the past, able to mitigate the hatefulness-in-the-guise-of-fiscal-responsibility.  I mean, Neal Kurk and Tom Keane have been wanting to slash the safety net since their pointy-yet-over-sized heads came trucking on down the birth canal, don’t you think?

But let’s not quibble over details when Susan the Bruce has come up with what I think is the best-ever description of the spectacle our NH legislature is presenting to the world … “As is always the case, an exploding pimple is never pretty.”  The only descriptive detail I might add would be to offer the precise location of that pimple on the body politic …

Here’s a list (from NH Journal) of what kind of putrid spew this exploding pimple has been producing … disgusting, isn’t it?

Number Bill Description Status Vote Date
HB 337 Freezes school aid at current (2010) levels. PASSED 3/17/2011
HB 540 Changes the motor vehicle inspection requirement from annual to biannual. PASSED 3/17/2011
HB 156 Reduces the state tax on cigarettes by $0.10 per pack and lowers taxes on other tobacco products. PASSED 3/17/2011
HB 218 Repeals the New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority PASSED 3/17/2011
HB 442 Expands the legal usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes PASSED 3/16/2011
SB 3 Reforms NH public employee retirement system, including increasing public workers’ contribution to their pension fund and raising the retirement age for certain public employees PASSED 3/16/2011
Amends the state constitution to make all school funding decisions the direct prerogative of the legislature PASSED 3/16/2011
HB 329 Requires parental notification of abortions performed on unemancipated minors PASSED 3/16/2011
HB 330 Allows the concealed carrying of firearms without a permit PASSED 3/16/2011
HB 429 Lowers the high school dropout age from 18 to 16 with parental consent required for those under 18 PASSED 3/15/2011
HB 524 Rolls back provisions in last session’s SB 500 that allowed for the automatic early release of violent criminals and sex offenders PASSED 3/15/2011
HB 147 Expands the list of crimes punishable by the death penalty to include murders committed during premeditated home invasions PASSED
HB 89 Requires New Hampshire to join the lawsuit against the new federal health care reform law PASSED
HB 370 Overturns the provision in the recently-passed bullying legislation that requires teachers and school officials to address off-campus bullying, but adds a requirement that all known bullying instances be reported to parents PASSED
HB 416 Allows children to decline vaccinations due to consciences objections not directly health-related or religious in nature FAILED 3/15/2011
HB 176 Prohibits out of state students attending college in New Hampshire from voting FAILED 3/15/2011
HB 513 Legalizes doctor assisted suicide FAILED 3/15/2011

So, where do we go from here?

Back to basketball, I guess … at least the women’s tournament gets underway today … a fresh start for yours truly – and hopefully a distraction from the terrible, unconscionable mess that is State (and Federal) politics.

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2 Responses to NH Legislature an Exploding Pimple

  1. I am ashamed to say that that had not occurred to me. I was focused on an adjacent area … but either works just fine from my perspective.


  2. Ron Dewdney says:

    This is a painfully true description. I’m not quite sure on the exact location. But of course many of these guys are, well………guys. So………..


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