Wow, plrock is Rocking!

The Aggies proved that the 4th try is the charm, as they knocked out Baylor last night to move on to the final four … along with UConn.  Duke folded again … after looking like they might do it differently against UConn this time.

And plrock is cleaning up on the Women’s side … ranked 8th overall!!!  We shall see … we shall see …

If Stanford doesn’t come through, you’ve got a few people nipping at your heels … 😉

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3 Responses to Wow, plrock is Rocking!

  1. Paula says:

    maybe I posted twice, I don’t know..oh well feels good to retell my early morning delight!


  2. Paula says:

    Well I did try and post a comment this morning but I don’t see it here so I will try and re-post my thoughts:Even tho in the grand scheme of things it means diddly, I am basking in the glow of being #1 in our Hoop Phanatics pool and #8 in the NYT!! I phinally bought myself a Stanford hat and have been wearing it daily even to the gym as my sweat marks will show. I am rooting for the Cardinal with all my energy and sending them good basketball karma as they head to Indy for the final 4. I will be rooting for ND to take down UConn even tho that will bust my bracket. Muffet is one of my favorite coaches as well, along with Joanne P. and Gail G.(Texas). Anyways, I did make some good picks this year. Did it a little differently, but I won’t give away any secrets unless a few beers are being imbibed at a later date around the PH chiminea! In the mean time, I will sit and smile and bask in the glow of my current success, until the next game rolls around! GO CARDINAL


  3. plrock says:

    Ahhhh life is good in bracketology today…I will bask in the glory for the moment as I sit as number 1 in the hoop phantics group and #8 in the NYT group! I know this feeling is fleeting and in the grand scheme of things it mean diddly…nonetheless, I will feel the Stanford power for today and send them good basketball karma as they travel to Indy for the final 4. I phinally broke down and ordered a Stanford hat and have been wearing it daily, even to the gym as the sweat marks will prove! Even tho I have UCONN beating ND, in my not-so-secret-heart I hope Muffet’s crew beats them even if it causes me some bracket points. What’ll I do for a few nights with no basketball to make me so weary in the morning?? Today, I savor the feeling……and smile.


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