OMG … as They Say in These Here Parts

And no, I am not talking about the New Hampshire legislature (although I damn well could be). No, I am talking about the women’s final four which (last night) ended the tournament runs of two teams that MOST of us had in the final – Stanford and UConn.

In the first matchup the Texas A&M Aggies were pesky and feisty and constantly harassed the larger and more experienced Stanford team with their patented pesky, feisty, harassing defense! They never gave up, and never went away, and in the end were able to pull off what, to everyone but there staunch fans, was the unlikeliest of upsets.

In the second game the Notre Dame defense was able to effectively shut down everyone on the UConn team with the exception of Maya Moore. Needless to say, my aunt could not do it herself even though, with (I believe it was) 36 points, she gave it a good shot. The UConn effort was also hindered by what to me seems some pretty marginal officiating when it came to “fouling” by Stephanie Dolson. She was in foul trouble for the bulk of the game, meaning that UConn had no presence in the lane – a fact that Notre Dame was able to exploit to their advantage.

So we were biting our nails all evening – and nobody even came close to falling asleep. I forgot to get Alice the Elder’s autograph while she was here, but we are trying to entice her to the house to watch Tuesday’s final. If so, I will get self role autographs and they will be for sale here for a modest price. (Pending the outcome of that game, I will be seeking other autographs to sell in the Jordancornblog store.)

The men play tonight, and all of Connecticut will, I am sure, be putting their collective energies now behind Kemba Walker and the UConn men’s team.

And to all the seniors on the Stanford and UConn teams, congratulations on your wonderful careers and legacies. Looking forward to seeing you in the WNBA!

One final note – okay, maybe two – Alice the Elder informed us/me that I had been terribly remiss in entirely missing the fact that the US Women’s National Team (that’s soccer, folks – USWNT) played England on Saturday. Hopefully it wasn’t my fault, but they lost 2 to 1 in what sounded like a pretty lackluster performance.  (But well done Kelly and Alex … gotta love ya, even when your skills are used against Pia’s crew!)

The Red Sox are continuing to lose, but it’s early yet and this surely is no indicator of how the season will progress. On the other hand, the Phillies swept the Astros and are looking like a real powerhouse – and of course in this case it is ENTIRELY an indicator of how the season will progress.

Peace out – and take a look at the bracket updates on the March Madness page! Can dsabler do it? Stay tuned!

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