It’s Official

Congratulations to Alice the Elder on winning the Men’s Bracket Challenge!  You will now be able to purchase a LARGE popcorn at your next Red River movie … and possibly a Cabernet as well.

Congratulations, also, to the UConn Men.  It wasn’t pretty, but it WAS.

Now the big question, can Notre Dame carry dsabler to fame and glory?  (Or, more precisely, do all those Sundays in church count for ANYTHING?!?!)

All will be answered tonight, in what should be a MUCH more exciting game that last night’s was (sorry guys … but that was damn ugly b-ball.)


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1 Response to It’s Official

  1. Alice says:

    Ahh, shucks. It were nothing. Really!
    Generous person that I am–as well as strategically brilliant–I’ll share that popcorn (maybe cabernet, too) with JordanCornblog. I have a Brinks truck on order–will pick up my winnings soon.


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