Soccer Kits

Everyone is up in arms about the new US Women’s soccer kits … and I am wondering what is wrong with me.  Perhaps the NH Legislature just has exhausted all of my ire … or something.  Or maybe I haven’t recovered from March Madness.  Maybe I need more sleep … or a better diet.

I don’t know.  The Women’s World Cup is coming … and I’m just not on board.  Yet.  Clearly I need to get this soccer malaise figured out pronto!

Meanwhile, the Breakers home opener is next Sunday … yikes!  We don’t have our tickets yet … but I have to think they are in the mail.  My bigger worry is … will it be snowing next Sunday?

And you know what?  Given the state of the world, if that’s my “bigger worry” … well … what a lucky and privileged person I am!

… I feel so shallow today … :~(

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