September in June

Aside from the fact that it can feel an awful lot like summer has flown by too fast, don’t you just love these Septemberish days?  Clear air, yellow sun, brilliant blue skies … and that cool breeze!  Couldn’t ask for more – especially after the very, very strange and dangerous weather that we’ve been having.

I read last night that the Breakers’ Kelley O’Hara has been called in to train with the USWNT in NJ and could get the call for the WWC, which would be very cool.  (Sadly, this opportunity arises only because Lindsay Tarpley tore her ACL in a match against Japan last month … after spending many months rehabbing from knee surgery.

The USA opens the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup against Korea DPR on June 28 at Rudolf Harbig Stadium in Dresden, Germany.   So the clock’s ticking, as Pia works to finalize her roster.  Here’s more detail from the USSF website:

Sundhage and her staff head into the week of training with several unsettled issues on the final Women’s World Cup roster. The U.S. lost veteran midfielder Lindsay Tarpley to a torn ACL in the match against Japan on May 14 and Sundhage is still considering replacements while veteran defender Heather Mitts is still trying to bounce back from a hamstring injury. Defender Whitney Engen and midfielder Kelley O’Hara have been called in to train with the team during the week and should be available for selection against Mexico.

Meanwhile, the NH Legislature continues to embarrass the State … except among the most radical right-wingers.  According to Blue Hampshire, they have “passed SB 88 by a 248-111 margin. The bill eliminates the requirement for a permit to carry a concealed weapon, allows gun owners to brandish their weapon, and permits use of deadly force without retreat.”

Maybe I am paranoid … but does sh*t like this prepare the way for militia-type folks to kinda, sorta take over if they feel like they need to?

Paranoia aside, don’t you just love the feeling that, when you walk down the street, lots and lots of people are probably toting handguns?  I know it definitely makes me feel a lot safer.


And speaking of Ugh … Tim Tebow has written a “love letter to God” that chronicles his (Tim’s, not God’s) life to this point.  He visited The Daily Show last night to peddle this tome.

I hate to admit it … but I kinda liked him.  The book (this is for Boltgirl’s info in particular) is available at Amazon … the Kindle edition looks like the way to go!

Finally, RPE is somewhere in Dublin … looking for housing and starting her internship.  So don’t forget to Like Glenisk on Facebook … and if you’re over there, check out the Bloom Festival!  Look for the redhead (yeah, right) in Phoenix Park from 2 to 6 June 2011 … there’s probably about a 2% chance that it’ll be RPE!!  😉

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1 Response to September in June

  1. boltgirl says:

    ugh Ugh UGH I couldn’t even watch Tebow on The Daily Show. I would’ve gotten hives all over my body.


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