Sunny December Sunday

Ahhhh, so life is good.  The sun is out … we are preparing to thoroughly confuse the dogs by dragging a tree into the house (again), RPE is flying back to the States tomorrow (for 3 weeks – yippee), the UConn Huskies have a must-see-TV kinda game tonight, and the WPS is sanctioned again, just barely.

The requirements for WPS to continue beyond this year?

“No longer can the league contract and get away with still operating. One condition of the sanctioning: WPS must secure a sixth team for the 2013 season and field at least eight teams in 2014.”

No easy feat any time – and in this economy?  Hope they can do it.

I am considering going more paperless, as I look for ways to make info more easily accessible (than piles of paper in boxes in the basement might be).  As exciting as the concept is to me, I am finding that it takes time (of course) … so implementation will be a gradual process.

Scanned a few photos just now … this one’s from a dusty album.  Summer of 1956 … a lllllooooonnnnnggg time ago!

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2 Responses to Sunny December Sunday

  1. Alice … I made your Banana pudding shots yesterday … will make every attempt to save you one! ;>)


  2. Alice says:

    I forgot about the UCONN/Baylor game tonight–thanks for the reminder. And good luck with paperless project–an ambitious goal for sure.


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