Winding Down

Okay, so we’re winding down 2011 here. What to say about this year?

Maybe I don’t need to do this today – let it wait till tomorrow?  Nah, I’m sure there’s something I can say now.

It’s been a year of flying time and of finding my place. The moments speed by, and I am busier than ever, and yet when I slow down and am still, it can be so damn refreshing!

I feel like I have been gathering myself together this year – connecting with the little lost girl who stood on the outside looking in (even if that’s not how it may have appeared to others … it’s how it felt always and ever).

She has needed to talk to someone for a long, long time – and I’m so glad to be providing her with the opportunity!

And it’s been a year of craziness, as the Republicans play whack a mole with their candidates and as state legislatures around the country (New Hampshire is in the forefront here) dismantle any semblance of a safety net or of compassion or of sanity in state government.

It’s very scary, what’s happening – and sadly enough, football didn’t really provide any respite for me this fall/winter! The Eagles were weird and my fantasy teams pretty much sucked.

In terms of writing, JordanCornblog has suffered since I’ve been working in other venues. I miss the blog and continually hope to get back to it. Maybe as I carve out a better schedule for myself, 2012 will bring more JordanCornblog time. At any rate, I need to stop apologizing here, as I’m sure it gets tiresome.

On the personal income front, I’m encouraging HollyCornblog to start selling some of her photographic notecards, so you may see something along those lines here in the not too distant future. Also, quite miraculously, I heard that a JordanCornblog apron found its way into a holiday gift package this year. Christmas surely is a magical time, is it not?!

It’s great to see Boltgirl back in the saddle, as it were. Transition times suck, eh?

So anyway, 2011 is winding down and as you can see, no deep thoughts from this corner of the world.

I’ll keep trying, and will surely let you know if anything springs to mind. 🙂

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