Grammatical Error

We’ve all been reading about Mitt Romney’s tax rate (which is a lot lower than yours and mine).

Apparently it’s 15% … to be precise.

And Mitt is speaking to the issue, sorta.  Here’s a blurb from MSNBC:

The tax burden someone like Romney would face cuts to the core of the fiscal debate that has roiled Washington over the past year. President Obama has called on the wealthy to shoulder a larger share of the tax burden, especially since they benefit from a more favorable tax rate on earnings gleaned from nontraditional sources of income, like investments, dividends or interest.

Romney addressed that argument to an extent, noting his opposition to Gingrich’s proposal to eliminate all capital gains taxes.

“You’d have individuals – the Warren Buffett argument — Warren Buffett, Bill Gates would probably pay no taxes at all,” he said. “Today they probably pay 15 percent. Very high-income people of this country pay roughly 15 percent of taxes if their resources are coming from investments and under their plan it would go to zero. I just don’t think that’s the right course.”

So, Mitt – really?  You say the rich “probably pay 15 percent” and “pay roughly 15 percent” as if it’s a guesstimate?  Why are you acting like you don’t know for sure?  Is it possible that you know the figure from … like … maybe … some kind of vaguely personal experience?

And was it maybe just a little pronoun error … a grammatical slip … when you referred to ‘the rich’ using the third person rather than the first?

Mitt, here’s some news for ya … the rich are not ‘they’ for you – they are ‘we.’  Practice it – own it – stop behaving as if ‘they’ are not you, okay?

The dude is such a damn slime ball, isn’t he?

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