Where have I been?

The short answer … dunno.

The longer answer … working to carve out a sustainable daily schedule for myself that includes an increased range of activities, stretching beyond the staples … which include:

Sitting in front of a computer at work and sitting in front of a computer at home.

Moving various body parts is one such activity.  An imperative, IMHO, as I take in some of the new and inevitable realities of aging … one of them being the atrophy (and loss of function) which is a predictable outcome of …

Sitting in front of a computer at work and then sitting in front of a computer at home.  (Oh, and throw in sitting in front of a TV watching other people run around … or listening to the sounds of other people running around while working at the computer.)

So, one of the places I have been is on the treadmill or in the woods or running/walking the roads.  Not to give the wrong impression, this is not “Rocky” type stuff … but progress.

And then there’s “being in touch with myself.”  This has been an area of increasing focus as I make time to connect with parts of me that, for one reason or another, have been hidden, silenced, you name it.  Enriching, enlivening, eye-opening, and sometimes difficult – the work feels like piecing together a tapestry.  It’s all me – and all inside of me – but exists in disconnected fragments.  The work of knitting it all back together is an amazing journey, and one which feels precious to me.

What else?

  • I’ve been dismayed, discouraged, frightened and pretty much disgusted by the shrill and shallow discourse coming from the GOP Primary fight.  I actually feel worried for the GOP, and sad for those reasonable folks whose party it had been.  It must be a huge and confusing loss for them.
  • I’ve been entertained by Linsanity.
  • I briefly dipped into Pinterest, then got scared off by the potential Copyright issues.
  • I didn’t see all that many of the Oscar-nominated films … and am not enough of a film buff to really ‘get it’ about “The Artist.”
  • I was chagrined at the (temporary) demise of WPS … hopefully the Oly’s will rekindle interest and the league will re-start on the other side.
  • I’ve been getting psyched for the upcoming Phillies season … and thought that Josh Beckett’s apology for last season’s BoSox meltdown was utter crap.
  • Have been reading more … a great treat!
  • I actually followed a recipe from start to finish last Sunday … ask my housemates … that’s an accomplishment!
  • Purchased a Mac and have not yet really figured out how to use it well (somehow, I think that using a Mac the way I use a PC just isn’t the point)!

I dunno – that’s not a lot to show for several months of silence.

Did I mention aging?  Moving slower … that’s for sure.

Oh yeah, and tonight there’s the start of Daylight Saving Time – that could set me back for WEEKS!

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2 Responses to Yikes!

  1. You are so right … and very much looking forward to enjoying the creeping close of spring! (Your Tuesday class sounds really interesting, too [http://nourishingwords.net/hungry-for-change/] … but unfortunately the time doesn’t work for me this go ’round.)


  2. E. Baron says:

    All good things. There’s so much more to life than sitting in front of a computer (even a Mac) allows. Enjoy these beautiful days as spring creeps closer.


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