A Good Day to Be a Phillies Phan … or a Fan of Any Sort!

So, yes, in this dismaying year (from a baseball perspective, mind you), it begins to look like the best day to be a Phillies Phan is a day when they are not playing. It’s a day they can’t break your heart by blowing a lead or losing a one run game by leaving 63 players stranded on the bases. Yup, the Fightin’s can’t lose today, and I’m all in!

Also a good day, just generally, because the birds sound amazing in the dawn. They are as happy as Caleb is to see the horizon lightening and the new day trundling toward us. It looks to be another hot one. We are lucky, here in New England, where hot is relative. My thoughts are with those who are suffering so mightily through the terrible heat wave elsewhere.

We’re having major work done on the house, starting with the replacement of the windows in my room. I’m hoping it goes smoothly, and am looking forward to discovering what it will be like to have a whole different species of window (the new ones will slide up and down, rather than opening out with a crank). Also to be added sometime during this whole process is a ceiling fan (not to be confused with a Phillies Phan) … an addition that I am especially psyched about during this hot spell.

So today, as soon as I finish posting this, I need to prepare for a nomadic string of hours. Next tasks … gathering essentials from my room (laptop, iPad, notebooks, Kindle, wallet, car keys, phone, etc.) and then handing the space over to the gods of carpentry. Can’t with to see what they are able to do … and fingers crossed that it goes smoothly.

Photos to phollow!

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