Rabbit, Rabbit

20120701-055047.jpg“Wake up and smell the coffee.” It takes on a whole new meaning with Caleb who, I believe, actually smells the coffee and wakes up … as soon as it is smell-able. This morning that was @ 4:15 and, try as he may, once day is dawning, it’s just way too exciting to be able to contain the ecstasy.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel that way at the start of a new day? Any new day? How about the start of a new month? Here comes the sun, rising over the eastern trees on the first day of July 2012. Caleb thinks it is pretty damn exciting. Do you? Do I? (I am trying!)

I am writing in the kitchen on my iPad (yup, I do now say “My iPad.” Never thought I would, but there it is.

Anyway, so I’m in the kitchen writing on my iPad and, truth be told, I am not very good at it (the iPad I mean … of course). Gotta figure out how all my usual PC-based stuff works in this new venue. Gotta keep an eye out for the bizarre spelling corrections the iPad keeps inserting (like henchman for kitchen … Really?!

Okay, so what I just now discovered is that I apparently need to use the WordPress app for iOS .. Of course, what was I thinking? An app for everything. But I have no idea how to add the photo I just took … or how to add a link, for that matter.

But that’s not your problem on this beautiful, brand spanking new day/month. What are you going to do today?  I’m off to ride the Northern Rail Trail momentarily … should be good!

PS  The USWNT defeated Canada 2-1 yesterday in a game that, I have to say, didnt inspire my confidence.  Canada had the more dangerous chances (and Solo came up big), although the US had more.  Hope Alex Morgan is OK – looked ike they were worried about her knee when she went down/came out of the match.

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2 Responses to Rabbit, Rabbit

  1. LOL – Alice I hope you have a WONDERFUL day (it sure sounds great), and thanks for the cautionary advice – I think I will take it!
    (Dictated by Caleb.)


  2. Alice says:

    I’m off to smell the coffee (and drink iced tea) and try for some of Caleb’s enthusiasms. He’s the guru for sure for positive living. What else today? Hmmmmm. Sunday papers to read. Flowers to water. Dimond Hill for fresh peas and tomatoes. Soccer finals this afternoon (Go Italia!!!!!). Then meeting a friend flying in from Chcago. Fine day I should say. Whaddaya think, Caleb? And a word of warning: don’t let Jordy talk you into that Northern Trail–remember, she’ll be on wheels and signifi
    cantly higher off the ground than you.


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