Sick at Heart

A man with guns. Four guns. The kind that can shoot hundreds of times … fast.

And we need these in America because?

Explain to me, NRA, why someone in America needs a Glock or an assault weapon? How many people need to die, on the off chance that somewhere, somehow, someone with a weapon might be able to stop another person with a weapon from killing a lot of people.

As Annie Lamott said to the NRA in a post on Facebook (and yes, I am quite sure that they hang on Annie’s every word) … and this is not a direct quote … They can keep their little handguns and their shotguns and rifles … but let’s AT LEAST get rid of this assault stuff.

People are dying … and people who are unhinged have it in their power to do things that they and their families will forever regret and suffer for. All around, you have to ask, how long will we let the NRA and the gun manufacturers and the legislators they own keep putting this nation through senseless tragedy after senseless tragedy?

I just hate it.

Sick at heart, indeed.

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