Night Sky

Last night as I was closing the door to the chicken coop I glanced to my left and saw a hazy, crescent yellow moon hanging above the woods. Through the dusty barn window, across the expanse of uncut field, it looked as timeless as it is, that moon. And I felt equally timeless, connected to others who’ve glanced through barn windows and been captivated, briefly, by the moon.

That was a life-saving feeling once for me. Never forget stepping away from the violent bombast inside the house one winter night. This was in suburban Philadelphia, so nothing bucolic about it. I lay in a snow bank we had built for an igloo (unfinished … never finished) and looked up at the sky. And for those moments I felt quiet and connected to a universe that was far more benevolent than anything happening inside my home. Alone and okay. That was a really good feeling.

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2 Responses to Night Sky

  1. Wow, Paula, thanks for sharing your beautiful, heartfelt comment. I’ll be thinking of you and your Mom tomorrow … under the light of the moon, all of us!


  2. Paula says:

    I, too, noticed the moon last night. I was driving home after dark feeling a tad sad. My mother would have turned 80 tomorrow. I use my time driving to gather my thoughts, cry, sing, laugh,
    Iisten to music or books on tape. Sometimes I drive in silence and think of my mother, my time with her near her end…all of it…all of life, seems manageable, when I look at the moon in the quiet of my own space..last night it was particularly beautiful, golden in its haze, lovely in its soft place. Comforting..
    Thank you for posting


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