JordanCornblog circa 1954 or 5 Drinking orange juice on a sunny summer morning at the lake. I can just feel the warmth of that rock I am sitting on … and how the summer day stretched endlessly!

Okay, so here’s what I am thinking this morning, as the first Monday of March dawns on a sequestered nation. (And no, these aren’t political musings … tho’, unfortunately, the recent destructively stubborn, ideological and bone-headed misbehavior of Congress was the first thing that came to mind as I thought about the new week.)

I was thinking about acceptance as I was looking out the window at the bare trees and snowy landscape.  Something got me thinking about what strikes me as a deep irony about the concept of acceptance.

Ready?  Building the suspense – here goes:

Acceptance is the only solid basis there is for real change. 

  • This is because you have to know where you are in order to make changes.  
  • But then you have to accept where you are before you can really know where you are.  

And by accepting where you are I mean an open-hearted, compassionate, unconditional acceptance.  Give it to yourself fully, without knowing all the details up front.  (It’s the “mere” fact of acceptance that is so opening.  It allows you to disclose information about yourself to yourself that your inclination might be to keep hidden. It frees you from that burdensome and blinding self-criticism and opens you to clarity.)

I think it’s at once ironic and absolutely true:  The only thing that opens the door to what can be is the full and compassionate acceptance of what is.

Oh, and while I think that this applies to human beings, I do not believe that it applies to legislative bodies (even if they are made up of human beings).  Just sayin’

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