Best Friend

Being/becoming my own best friend and accepting every single molecule of who I am is at the heart of this journey.

It sounds so simple. It is so powerful.

Relaxing the shoulders, exhaling, and accepting opens up possibilities that striving can’t even imagine.

So that’s what I think this snowy morning.

Addendum:  Obviously it’s been awhile since I visited here.  Hope to be more regular (ah, we’ve heard THAT before)!  Anyway, I was surprised to see an ad pop up in this post, so clicked the link for more info and here’s what I found:

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I sure don’t begrudge WordPress the revenue for such a great product.  And if I begin to feel that I can trust myself to come back here more often, maybe I’ll upgrade.

In the meantime … sorry about the ads!

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2 Responses to Best Friend

  1. Alice says:

    Insightful sentiments, and I’m going to give it a try, but think I need to keep my expectations reasonable, too. Not sure how that factors in. Negating my self is so tiring and has been so unproductive. Good food for thought for me to muse over. Thanks JordanCornblog–I always perk up when I see you have a new posting.


    • Great to hear from you, Alice … Will you be home for UConn-Notre Dame tomorrow night? I think that will be a VERY good place to start befriending yourself (i.e. by rooting for UConn). It will expand your heart, I am very sure!

      Yup, sent from my iPad!


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