Just Another Sunday

Ready for the gameNot a lot to say … except that Daddy Cornblog, wherever he is, is enjoying his anticipation of the Eagles’ victory over the Gnats today!

This photo, was taken in 1980 – the first time (at least in my lifetime) that the Eagles made the Superbowl.

I have some regret about not watching the game with him, in retrospect – though it totally made sense for me to be watching with my friends. (And in reality, we were all bummed and cranky by the end … so it wouldn’t exactly have been a good memory.)

He sure did love his Eagles, though … and his football in general.  It’s mostly Saturday football that I remember with him.  Saturday afternoons of raking leaves with him and then watching college football (as I madly made potholders to give to relatives for Christmas).

Peaceful islands of time in what was otherwise a pretty loud and chaotic place.

So yes, I associate football, oddly enough, with peacefulness.  Guess I always will.  And as an Eagles fan, I also associate football with wrenching roller-coaster rides of hope and disappointment … so I am prepared for the worst today, even as I hope for the best.

Being an Eagles fan builds character … 😉

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2 Responses to Just Another Sunday

  1. Holly Cornog says:

    I LOVE THIS:-)

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